Free Online Tax Preparation Courses

Free Online Tax Preparation Courses

Here is a list of free web-based tax preparation courses. See what courses are available to you and which will fit you the most.
1. Course on Business Taxes for the Self-Employed People:
This seminar conducted online is in video form and gives you information about paying estimated taxes and reports losses and/or profits. What is covered, too, is deductible and expensesrecord keeping. In order to see these lessons, students will have to use a video player, but a PDF version of this video is available, as well.BooksFinal_full
2. How to Create and Renew a PTIN Account:
These are free videos intended for people who want to be tax preparers. The job of a tax preparer requires creating an account in the IRS Tax Professional Preparer Tax Identification Number system. There are videos that will explain to you how that account is created. PTIN problems and renewals are explained by the other 2 videos. As far as the last 2 video are concerned, they cover tax preparer test.taxes1
3. Brochure about Federal Income Tax by the NAFSA:
This is a free brochure that deals with tax information for international education field advisers. It provides learners with general rules about federal income tax responsibility: tax residency determination, and for those learners that study outside the U.S.A there are various forms to file.There are different topics included here, such as: where to file photocopies and the period of time one can keep those copies; who should file; tax residency determination, income, non-resident definition, etc.
4. The University of California, Irvine: Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning:
As far as the Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning is concerned, it provides students with information about preparing taxes. It includes basic tax formulations, tax planning strategies,the structure of federal income taxes, marginal tax brackets, and average tax rates.

5. Deal with Your Taxes Effectively by the IRS:
In this type of tax course, students will learn more about the earned income tax credit, child tax credit as well as about the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. The 15-minutes-video covers all the information about how to fill personal federal income taxes.
6. Learn Taxes by the IRS:
Here, students can find a set of video lessons made by the volunteers of preparing income taxes for older people and people who have a low income. There are 3 levels of the course basic, intermediate and upper/advance levels.
7. The Utah State Tax Commission:How and Which Records to Keep:
Everyone will make a profit out of these tutorials. This course covers accounting methods and periods, keeping of the records, the choice of which records to keep, record organization; expenses and incomes.slicemoney_infographic_6
8. Employer/EmployeeReportof Healthcare Coverage:
Learners will be taught about the details of the reporting of healthcare coverage which is authorized by the Affordable Care Act Provision 9002. Here, both employers and employees can find useful information which can be found via Windows Media Player or Adobe Flash.

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